Luxe Girls Drunk Baking Stream! Kiran, Abigale & Zoie

DONATE HERE (Stream Message): We are in a donation war! Donate the single highest one-time donation amount for the current stream and put your favorite girl, Zoie Kiran or Abigale, ahead of the others- making the losers have to do anything from take more shots, jumping jacks, booty flip cups & more! Please make sure you type which girl it's going to~ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow me on Twitter! Subscribe to Luxe Gaming! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GO HERE! : Follow Abigale on Twitter! : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DONATE HERE (Stream Message): Card Draws: (Write "Card Draw" on donation message, $10 minimum 1 card $15 for 2 cards.) Ace: Personal SC Pic *not nude* lol (must include SC name or it's a redraw) K: 30 Second Booty Cam Q: Outfit Change J: Sexy Story 10: I post a scandalous booby pic to my Snapchat @zoieburgher 9: I post scandalous booty pic to my Snapchat @zoieburgher 5,6,7,8: That amount of squats 4: Booty Smack 3: YOU CHOOSE who we raid! 2: Tell sexy story/ fact ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ask me questions on Twitter and possibly get a shout on live stream or in a video, just simply hashtag your question with #AskZoie ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Social Media: Instagram: Twitter: Snapchat: @zoieburgher