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Frank's sect
From mmpo 1 month ago 572views

The type of the black coat, and leather votives, used to frequent the forgotten streets of the old neighborhood, apparently empty buildings, streets where the garbage already adhered to the pavement. After walking a few streets, Frank entered an old and almost empty house, a long corridor and numerous wooden doors, without warning a girl with long blonde hair came out of one of the rooms, with abundant hips, huge but natural breasts , dressed in a short dress that revealed her underwear and her long shapely legs that looked like a perfect map that led to a sublime ass that bounced off the compas of each of her steps.

Without mentioning a word Frank came into that room where one expected another girl with similar characteristics that the blonde with huge ass and big breasts, are the difference that this other girl had black hair and long, the two girls gave him a drink Frank, looking at him like an old acquaintance, but at the same time with the distrust and the anxiety with which he looks at a stranger, after a bitter sip of the drink, Frank threw it into the breasts of the blonde-haired girl and began to licking her breasts uncontrollably, like a dog with its long tongue almost drinking all the drink that it had thrown in the breasts of the blonde, the black-haired girl watched the scene with a strong excitement that led her to rub all his body especially her nipples which she squeezed and slowly, she lowered her hands to her wet and hot vagina.

Suddenly these two girls with their lover were without clothes, Frank took the black haired girl by the hair and placed her upright and forcefully hit her to the wall, grabbing her neck causing her to suffocate and penetrating her with brutality making her huge ass will sound throughout the house to each incessant crash that causes the moaning of everyone in the room, the blonde girl licked her fingers, which she inserted into her clitoris, Frank threw the black haired girl the bed and took the blonde placing her in a fetal position and penetrating her for that perfect ass while with her hands she brutally squeezed her breasts and kissed the black haired girl who was at her side while rubbing her breasts.

After a few minutes the girls began to kiss each other spitting inside the mouth of the other, Frank introduced with each of their hands the vaginas of the two girls, vaginas from which sweat dripped mixing with their fluids. Taking the bottle of vodka from which Frank had drunk a drink on reaching the room, I throw all the vodka that in this was on the whole body of the two girls, causing them to kiss each other all over body drinking like this the whole bottle intoxicating them and exciting them even more, Frank took them and placed them in one of the enzymes of the other, penetrating them anally to one and then to the other,
Frank took them by the hair of the two girls and continuously put his penis in the mouth of the two girls until they were out of breath almost causing vomiting. Fed their satiety the three threw themselves into the bed to light a cigarette. Even without saying a word more than the moans of pleasure. Frank leaves the room throwing a few bills to the bed before leaving, closing the door with force, goes back to those dark streets, dirty and disturbing as his thoughts.

A cold night but a lot of sex
From mmpo 1 month ago 616views

It was a cold night, and I wanted to take a strong drink to warm my throat, I wish long ago I did not try something strong, I arrived at the bar I sat at the bar, I ordered a vodka to start the night, the waitress was alone, was early, I stare at myself and intimidated her fixed way she saw me, she was a pretty girl, I'm a little taller than her, she had a black dress, with a neckline pronounced towards her attributes letting see part of them, her eyes were clear honey color, we lasted observing a good time, one look after another diverting it when they realized the other, I began to wake up the libido, I asked him another to break the ice, and with intention to take the cup touch his warm hand, She looked at me fixedly and smiled at the same time, I asked my name, which launched I told her and instead of giving her my name without letting her ration I threw myself and gave her a furtive kiss, she was petrified in a few seconds before my feat, then I it was reciprocal that kiss full of hormones of at raction, felt chemistry in the environment, it felt very pleasant for the two was not one or two kisses already, we kissed the neck, I slipped my hands in his straight hair, down his waist, I had lost my education , I was a complete beast, and I wanted to reach her thighs and touch her thighs, and so I did I went to raise her dress while I sucked her big breasts that were getting harder and harder, she tried to resist I tried to give up but the desire earned him the same as me, the truth was very wet when I got there, his underwear was wetter, than the size of it, that hit me a lot without thinking I pulled the hair while putting my two fingers inside it Without any modesty or contemplation, she just let out a moan between her lips, which was already wet ready to receive my cock to complete it so I could receive a thousand sensations inside and outside her, she no longer resisted just ask me to do it I wanted to see it, I instantly threw his hand and caressed him, but he did not settle there immediately under the zipper and pulled it out he wanted to touch skin to skin, he was surprised when he saw it was very wet, he looked a little of liquid on the tip that was scattered on it, without hesitation I put it on her breasts and mouth at the time her tits are stained out of the dress and her face of pleasure is countless, I can not describe it, making each time more juice came out, she whispers to me that it was her holy grail that juice that came out of me, staining dress and even her face, how rich I told her, but she said and there is still more and without hesitation I put it on the bar and I put it on top and I full key, she just moaned and moved her eyes as if she were looking towards the sky itself, but immediately I took it out, I wanted her to beg for it, but it was difficult because it was so hot and humid that I loved it, I loved to feel that narrow vagina, she took it without thinking or and put it at her door, fuck him, fuck me, fuck me, ronronio in my ear.

Without thinking I just had to tilt my pelvis and fuck her again and again mixing our bodies looking like one, ending up doing it there, that when we were lifted up, her holy grail was coming out of her, there was not enough fluid in her little vagina, and seeing that he was still hard, he guided me to the men's room and told me; you already fucked me now it was your turn I sat on the portrait like a wild beast in heat, sitting on my penetrating all the way to my genitals that drained our holy grail, we moaned like crazy and without control, and biting, caressing everything I saw and could that we moved rich to the rhythm of the music that there was not that we did not know if it was the same but the chords coincided, because it was in full synchrony, we ended up in an orgasm more !!!

Hugh Hefner, Founder of Playboy Died
From mmpo 1 year ago 1805views

The founder of the iconic magazine died Wednesday of natural causes at his home, the Playboy Mansion. He was 91 years old.
Hugh Hefner died at age 91. AFP

This Wednesday at the Playboy Mansion passed away Hugh Hefner, the founder of the magazine that bears that name. The news was confirmed by the official Twitter account of the publication he created in 1953. Hefner was born in Chicago on April 9, 1926.

"Life is too short to be living the dream of another," said a quote from Hefner published on the Twitter account along with a photo of the businessman and a message confirming his death.

(See: Pictures to remember Hugh Hefner, founder of Playboy magazine)

Hugh Hefner was known for having sex with girls much younger than him. In this regard, he said that if he relates to young and stunning women is because his tastes have not changed a bit since he was 20 years. (Read: Hugh Hefner: 'I do not care that women use me')

The magazine editor for adults became an icon of excess in the United States, because it helped make the nude part of the American collective imagination in the twentieth century. Also part American army during the last months of World War II.

Self-proclaimed marketing master, Hefner's ability for self-promotion made it impossible to unravel his image of his empire.

"My father lived an exceptional and impactful life as a media and cultural pioneer and a leading voice of some of the most important social and cultural movements of our time in the defense of freedom of expression, civil rights and sexual freedom," he said. his son Cooper Hefner, creative chief of Playboy Enterprises, said in a statement.

He defined a lifestyle and ethos that lies at the heart of the Playboy brand, one of the most recognizable and enduring in history, "he added.

Well past the retirement age, Hefner continued to take an active part in the editorial part of his magazine, choosing covers and the Bunny from each month.

In the last stage of his life he also frequented nightclubs and kept a group of young brides, a lifestyle he made sure he kept him young in and out of the bedroom.

In an interview with AFP in 2003, Hefner said he would like to "be remembered as someone who had a positive impact on the changes in the social sexual values ​​of his day."

"And I think that position is pretty well assured," he said then.

The owner of Playboy magazine explained in an interview with Esquire magazine in 2013 that despite having slept with more than a thousand women throughout his life, he was a faithful believer in the traditional notions of love and possibility to find a soul mate.

Esperanza Gómez
From mmpo 1 year ago 1858views

The Colombian who was born to be pornstar. He has said in more than one interview that his is not an interest in the economic side of the industry, nor a way to channel some kind of furstración related to being a real actress. Esperanza never thought of acting, and as she says, she never does it before the camera: she always shows how she feels, giving free rein to her overdeveloped libido and her natural sensuality. She has been Playboy Bunny in the Colombian edition of the magazine and her debut came with a monumental interracial scene for South Beach Cruisin '# 3, by Josh Stone and Justin Slayer, who has always laughed at this imposing lady. Working in porn is his dream, or that proclaims often, since he was 13 years old. Little joke.

Esperanza fucks like a goddess, and by saying this we affirm that her talent for the fornicio is exceptional. If this virtue we add its Latin beauty, uncommon sympathy and morbid, is understood to drag a multitudinous legion of fans in the Hispanic world and international, which makes it one of the most admired and desired pornostars.

After breaking hearts throughout the world with his work in American porn, since mid-2015 it seems that this profession has become something purely eventual for Esperanza Gomez, a type of activity that performs whenever he wants and the times that she wants (usually always with Brazzers, who is usually the highest bidder), and not a regular source of income. The rumors about her withdrawal periodically come to the media, time and again, and time and again Esperanza itself is dedicated to denying them in social networks. The super-Colombian may be on stand-by, but she does not intend to give up the pleasures that porn gives her, including anal, gangbang and threesome, which she herself qualifies as outstanding accounts.

In the meantime, Esperanza continues to prolong its own legend, practicing undisputed Colombian celebrity, with very habitual participations in the radio, the television channel Venus and numerous interventions like tertuliana whenever a televising debate is touched remotely some subject related to the porn or the sex, its two main specialties.

Extra ball: The oversized size of her clitoris is due to her anabolic and steroid intake that she underwent to get into shape a few years ago, but she claims to be very proud of it. And we know that for their fans is another reason to add to the long list of things that give this Colombian insatiable morbid.

Porn webcam model 'Kloe la maravilla' is one of the 'Protagonistas' of RCN
From mmpo 1 year ago 1500views

(At the end of this note you will find the link to his social networks, where he exposes his artistic work).

"The reason for this release is to let you know that today I will be part of
the RCN Protagonists reality, in which I integrate representing my
work, which is webcam modeling, and therefore the entire industry that
integrates this half ... I hope to be able to accompany me in this new adventure, next to this bitch and see me every day by RCN at 9 pm Do not forget me, "he said in the statement.Tamayo is known for his explicit sexual videos, published on his social networks.

To illustrate this note it was difficult to find a video in which she was dressed.

Knowing their activity, anything can be expected to happen in the 'Casa estudio'. Will he strip naked before the Colombians?In her presentation on the show, Natalia presented herself as a role model for other girls:

"I have my daddy, you know. I'm a caderoncita, piernoncita. I am an ordinary person, I do not believe more than anyone. (I want) that many tees who are just like me see in me that example that everything can be. It would be living proof that if one sets out to do things right in life, everything has a reward. "