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What's up, perverts and whores? Today I'm going to visit a strange amateur site called PervertSlut. Maybe it's not the right word, because they have thousands of free videos.

They have only existed since 2015, but they have been constantly building their collection and user base ever since. Currently they are throwing around 6 million visits per month.

I'll tell you right away, this is not your typical amateur porn site. There are a lot of things that you want to beat your meat with, but some of the material may be too much, even for the perverts and the bitches more fed up. Morbid and curious bastards are going to love the really sick shit of Pervert Slut.

Not your typical amateur porn
The slogan of the site is Amateur Porn Videos: Free Homemade Sex Tube. Catchy, right? It's about Google keywords and it's technically accurate. At first glance, PervertSlut really looks like your typical amateur sex site.

I had a problem with the malicious spam pop-ups when I started browsing the site. They were the style that looks like a Windows screen that says your computer is screwed. I always wonder who falls in love with that, but obviously, people do it because the scammers keep doing it.

The style of PervertSlut is the typical view of pornography that you know and love. Under the name and the motto of the site there is a massive grid of pornography. The newest shit is the first.

When I visited, I noticed for the first time a woman sucking a cock in a bathtub, a blonde bitch who was drinking a few Big Black Cocks and an Asian girl fucked in the ass.

It's all amateur material. In fact, PervertSlut is not packed with professional experts who pretend to be DIY porn like many amateur sites. I wonder if it has anything to do with the other videos that I noticed as soon as I got to the page.
Created: 2 months ago