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It's hard to get tired of porn, but I know that sometimes people want to increase the pace a bit. That's one of the reasons why prostitutes are so popular, but even those networks come with some attached strings. Well, we're living in the damn future, so you have a growing number of options. For example, offers incredibly realistic sex dolls for your pleasure.

These are not the inflatable bitches you can buy at the local wet and dirty porn store. You know, like the one your friends bought you ironically for your birthday, and that you got drunk and beat in an ironic way until the plastic irritated your skin from the skin of the skin. A look at the realistic silicone love dolls offered by Sexy Sex Doll and you will know that this is a completely different sex toy.

The Realistic Sex Dolls # 1 of the world

A banner near the top of the page declares RealDoll as Lifelife's # 1 Sex Doll: Real Sex Dolls, Silicone Dolls and TPE Love Doll Store. If you're going to spoil a couple of big ones in one of these women, I suggest you read about TPE vs. Silicone. The TPE is considerably cheaper but it comes with some compromises that can shorten its useful life.

An even bigger banner shows some of their synthetic sluts and offers a system of reward points for customers, as well as a free care set for any large doll purchase. I really think the care set should be standard without mentioning it, but the rewards program could be useful if you're building a harem of fake whores. will also hook you up with free clothes and wigs, and you will also have a tax clearance and import service to help your new girlfriend return home with minimal effort.

Scroll down a bit and you'll see a section that presents your newest and best sex dolls. There is a propaganda about realistic dolls in general, which includes gems like this:

"Real Sex dolls have been around for decades, however, people are still worried about buying or even talking about these human-sized sex toys. This can be attributed to the stigma associated with pleasure dolls and the assumptions related to their legality and use. However, in reality, realistic sex dolls are highly inclusive in today's free society. "

He continues to talk about artificial intelligence and virtual reality, and how sexual dolls are going to improve even more. Memorize the entire paragraph so that you can quote it in a few years when your parents tell you shit about bringing your big-boobed theft-wife to Christmas dinner. Come on, mom, she's very inclusive and keeps her mouth open like that for a very good reason. No, dad, you can not put your fingers.

Sex dolls of Titfuck, lesbian sex dolls and sex dolls of impure teachers

The newest artificial babies are lined up on the screen. Under each photo is its "name", which really consists of a name, a vague descriptive word and some statistics. Not only is Daisy, it's Titfuck Sex Doll 162cm 5ft4 G-cup Mouth Open Daisy. The girl in the leather jacket goes by Denisa, but her full name is actually Lesbian Sex Doll 168cm 5ft6 B-cup Denisa. Other descriptors include Unchaste Teacher, Shameless, Fiancee and Uncensored, although I have not yet noticed any censorship anywhere.

It's crazy how realistic these things have become over the years. One of the things that gives them is their absolute perfection; They remind me of overstated Photoshop pornstars with smooth and perfect skin and ripe melons. Scroll over a thumbnail and you can get some more angles of the baby of your choice, add it to your cart or click on your profile to get a full biography. Sorry, I mean click on the list of sex toy items to get a full description of the product. Watch? I told you that they were realistic.

The girls at the top do not have any user ratings because they are so new. Scroll down to the favorites of the clients and the realistic sex dolls highlighted and look at all the stars. Customer satisfaction is through the roof, because most of them have 5 stars. There may be some prejudices here, because who wants to give a 1 star review to the doll for which they paid thousands of dollars?

Oh, speaking of thousands of dollars, these are not the most expensive dolls I've ever seen. In fact, if you have ever browsed the RealDolls site, these bitches will look like bargains. Most of the synthetic women on the cover have just under $ 2,000.
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