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Once, a woman called my house a vile den of blight, filth and perversion. It was probably the best complement I received, but it made me dream of taking it to the next level.

 Instead of a house of filth, what about a small city? Maybe we're better and we'll make a whole planet of pornography. Better yet, shoot for an extensive and depraved Sex Galaxy.

Of course, a great name is just a small element of a porn site. There has to be more to keep it on an Internet full of free dirty movies. has only existed since 2016, so they have not yet passed the test of time. However, they are receiving a couple of million visits per month, so they may be in for something.

A new dirty sex galaxy
Maybe it's just because I've seen a lot of hentai sites lately, but I really thought that SexGalaxy was going to be a science fiction theme.

You know, like something out on the wall with aliens tempting tits with tentacles, or at least a Brazzers-style session with astronaut costumes and green face paint.

I'm not sure if I was disappointed or not when I got to the first page. Instead of nasty whores in spacesuits who ate extraterrestrial cocks, I saw disgusting whores in the latex fucking each other in the asses.

I shifted down and saw an amateur ebony babe taking a scandalous selfie, and a small, tight teenager, without panties and legs raised in the air. Under that there is another teenager fucked hard, and a bitch with natural G cups masturbating.

It's an awesome mix of dirty hardcore movies, and all updates on the cover were added today. So are the movies on the second page, and the third page, and the fourth page.

In fact, I had to go to page 13 to find the films published yesterday. They started with a small movie called Cock Sucking Challenge 22, so it was worth the extra clicks.

The page can be scaled for larger or smaller screens, but honestly, you are not losing much if you are booting one on your phone.

The larger version only has a small chat window that looks pretty spam, a handful of Fetish and Popular category tags, and some outbound links to other online porn caches.
Created: 2 months ago
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